There is power in your story, and I want to help you share it.


I am a photographer and storyteller west of Boston. I work with people who find humor and meaning in their everyday lives, and want to create a lasting way to share it and remember. For those who open their lives to me, thank you! I believe in your story and the power it has to inspire and guide those who are close to you.

I have a knack for seeing people and photographing that spark that makes them unique. My background in Sociology and Documentary Photography has me trained to observe, look for the nuance, and anticipate the moment. I have a sense of humor, especially when it comes to parenting, and I hope you do too!

I am mom to three boys. Each of them has their own unique spark that I admire and wonder at daily. I hope they will always see how wildly amazing they are through my eyes and my photographs. Years from now, I want them to recognize themselves in our photos, see that spark, and live it as confidently as they did when they were children.

I want to find that same light in each of my clients, and create photographs that make you proud of this beautiful life you're living. Together we can capture the story of you, your life, and your passions, and let your unique voice come through.

Brea Chislett studied Visual Sociology at Wheaton College, as well as Documentary Photography at the Salt Institute in Maine. She started her photography career capturing on film and printing in the darkroom before moving to digital photography.  

You can see some of her stories in film below.  

Smith-Houlihan Irish Dance

Dudziak's Gymnastics

Oddfellows Theater