When I was pregnant with my first baby, I spent a lot of time wondering and anticipating what was to come. I stayed very busy, occupying my mind with home renovations to ward off more troublesome thoughts. Was I prepared to be unselfish and care so much for someone else? Would I be able to handle mess and chaos that might send me over the edge?  Can we afford a baby?

I wish I had more pictures from that spring before my son came.  My husband I were testing our abilities with DIY projects, trying to put our fixer-upper together in time for the baby. We were both somewhat awkward - I had a giant pregnant belly and he hobbled around on crutches from an indoor soccer injury (and subsequent achilles surgery).  We tiled bathrooms, ripped out carpet, and painted crown molding with all the energy of adults who sleep 8 hours and think without interruption. What a fun photo session that could have been!

Whatever your life looks like before you start a family, it's going to change - and so will you. Preserving a memory of life before your baby comes, and that transition time just after she is born, will be such a treasure to look back on.  Stories, pictures and memories of life before she came connects generations.  "Who we were" is preserved, as new adventures take hold.

Marty and Nicole - thank you so much for including me in your transformation story.  Baby Charlie is one lucky girl to have such wonderful parents.  Here's to new adventures!