Documentary photography is an investment in your future.  You are protecting your memories, and leaving your family with a beautiful record of their own history.

I take a limited number of sessions every month so I have the time to personally walk you through the process from the planning stages to printing and choosing final artwork.  

I like to start by meeting people face-to-face. Let's get to know each other and talk about what you want.  If you are ready to book after our meeting, we will pick a date and start planning!  All of my best sessions have planning involved. I will ask you to answer some questions that help us tailor a session to your needs and wants.  The more information you share with me, the better I will do at telling your story.

After our session, I like to meet again to go over your fully edited and retouched images.  I promise I will never give you hundreds of images and tell you to figure it out.  How overwhelming is that!  And yet so many have experienced this.  I do the hard editing, and truly believe that less is more when you are looking at your images.  We will view the best of the best, and I will walk you through choosing artwork, pairing images, and creating albums.  

At the end of the process, you will have what you came for.  Images of your best memories, printed, organized, and ready to share.  


Every session I photograph comes with printed artwork, as well as in-person consultations, planning meetings, and gift prints. You will choose the length of your session, and then whether you would like an album, some art for your walls, or both.  And of course there is an a la carte menu for those little extras you might want.  I will help you with every step along the way. 

Sessions start at $250 for a 90-minute session. 

Packages begin at $695, and I am more than happy to customize a package just for you.    

To receive a full price list, or information on extended or multi-day sessions please send me an email.  And yes, I do travel!  I am absolutely up for an adventure, so bring me your ideas, and we will make something great together!

A little about printed work. . .

Photographs should be printed. They should be a daily reminder of the blessings in your life.  They should live on your walls and brighten your day as you walk by.  Let your children sit with you and pour over albums that hold family memories.  All of the printed work I provide features premium printing techniques that meet the highest archival standards for quality and durability.  Below are some of the ways I love to see photographs.


Printed Photo Books

Your images are presented in a beautiful, custom-designed book, which features ultra-thick pages that lay flat when open for seamless panoramic images.  The book has a linen cover and uses all of the finest archival printing techniques to ensure longevity.


Handmade Albums

European fine-milled paper and hand-mounted images make a truly special keepsake.  This album can be personalized with handwritten notes of your memories to add warm and conversational touch. 

Wall Art

Your photographs can now be printed on unique materials like metal, wood or canvas for a clean, contemporary look.  Or you could go with an elegant frame and mat.  I will help you pair photographs together, create a wall gallery, or choose ones to stand alone.  Large format images will make a breathtaking impression.  All art pieces come ready to hang.


Digital Keepsake Collection

For preserving all of your digital files as well as any other special keepsakes, get this beautiful leather-bound box with an engraved USB and 25 Archival 5x7 Prints.


Do you long for authentic and gorgeous photographs of your own family?  Let's talk!