Family Portraits that look like your memories.

Memories of family are authentic and intimate, and I like to make images that feel that way.  I want them to draw you in and make you feel as though you are living these familiar, passing moments.  And someday, when your memory starts to fade, your pictures will bring all that vibrance and life back to you. 


Authentic photography in and around your home is a wonderful way to photograph families.  You and your kids are comfortable and relaxed, helping us capture natural expressions.  During sessions, I will sometimes pose you and help get the right look, while other times I will play around with the kids or observe as you do activities you love.  You will be in good hands, and I promise to make sure you look your best!  


Not sure you want your home in photos? That’s okay too. We can pick any location to make great images, and I know lots of great locations to shoot. We can have fun outside, or take it inside to your favorite pizza place or bowling alley.

My job is not finished until you have printed artwork. Though it’s an investment up front, no one ever regrets having albums full of pictures ready to share, or art on your walls that makes you smile.  I will help you sort through the proofs, select and pair the best images, and make your pictures a tangible heirloom the family can enjoy.  Sessions start at $200, and artwork packages begin at $395.