From that very first expectant moment, time begins to speed up.  And slow down.  The waiting is endless, but there are never enough hours to prepare!  Your world will shift focus and you will distinctly remember that transition from before to after. 

I truly love working with newborns and their parents.  I adore hearing the tiny baby noises, and watching as they make faces and wiggle around.  I love all of their little oddities - from their wrinkled and peely skin to those skinny little newborn legs.  They are so fresh and sweet.    

I encourage most people to think about what they want to do with their photographs to help them choose a session.  I offer both in-home or studio sessions with newborns.  The in-home session is a great way to tell the story of your new family life. It works beautifully as an album to preserve this distinct period when baby came along. We can easily incorporate siblings and family members, we can even include some neat activities like feeding/nursing sessions, sink baths, changing clothing, walks, you name it!  

For a studio newborn session, we will capture those beautiful, sleepy baby portraits that make wonderful art for your walls or baby announcements.  I provide all of the wraps, hats, blankets and accessories, as well as a nice warm studio to keep baby sleepy and comfortable.  We will also take time to photograph parents and siblings with the new arrival.  This type of session is usually best
for babies 5-10 days old.

Many clients decide they would like to have both kinds of photographs.  I actually have a special package just for you!  I am accustomed to designing sessions to suit your vision, and I'm always up for an adventure.  Please email me with your ideas so we can start talking.  

You can view some of my Featured Sessions here:


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Don't forget the maternity session!  

Whether this is your first baby or your third, preserving a memory of life before her arrival adds depth to the wealth of stories your family will share.  It connects you and your children to that person you are before you were parents.   

Maternity photography sessions are best scheduled between 34 and 37 weeks.  This is when we will see those nice round bellies, and mom will still feel up to moving around a bit. 

Sessions can be documentary-style, doing some of your favorite activities.  Maybe it’s a date with Dad, a visit to the OB, or preparing your baby’s nursery. Maybe its just a regular Saturday before baby's arrival, where you work in the yard, eat takeout, and watch a movie.  This is a great way to commemorate your life before it all transforms into something new. 

An in-studio session will focus on that gorgeous pregnancy glow, and gives parents a chance to have some final images together before the family grows.